Carpet Cleaning 


Carpet Cleaning

All carpets are deep cleaned using our efficient top of the range high pressure and vacuum turbo machine. It produces more steam and achieve that truly clean effect you need and want.

We stock a full range of products for treating all manner of stains and odours. Ideally carpets should be left to dry between 2-4 hours after cleaning, but we can supply you with overshoes if you need to walk on them immediately afterwards.

Carpet Protection 


Carpet Protection

Once your carpets have been cleaned, we highly recommend additional stain protection with despite being more costly, will save your carpets from future stains. By applying a solution formulated to resist staining, soiling and wear, you can avoid future staining from spillage and accidents, and protect against infestations such as fleas, dust mites, bed bugs, etc. With this additional protection, spills and stains will come out easily.

Carpet Stain Removal


Carpet Stain Removal

We cannot promise to remove all your carpet stains without seeing them first, but we use the best carpet cleaning equipment there is, and there isn’t much that it can’t remove.

Rug Cleaning 


Rug Cleaning

We can collect your rug and clean it for you off site if you wish, delivering it back to you at your convenience. We can remove stains in much the same way on rugs as for carpets, and give your rugs a new lease of life.

Upholsery Cleaning 


Upholstery Cleaning

We use slightly different treatments on upholstery from that on carpets an rugs, specifically for fabric. With our quick drying time, you can use your furniture again quickly.

End of Tenancy 


End of Tenancy

Professional carpet cleaning for letting agents, landlords and tenants.

Whether you want clean carpets to ensure your deposit is returned, or you need to attract new tenants with a fresh, clean aspect to your letting property, we can clean your carpets and upholstery and ensure that consistent standards are maintained for all parties in a letting property agreement.